Vagabonds: Anthology of the Mad Ones

Vagabonds is a creative arts anthology that seeks hard-hitting, gut wrenching art the internet can provide. Following in the steps of the Beat Generation, Vagabonds seeks to give a voice to those that often go unheard. Publishing for eight years, Vagabonds is dedicated to growing a community focused on sharing progressive and thought provoking material. 

In 2014, We were nominated for the Best Poetry Magazine of the Year award by the National Poetry Awards. Though our initial goal was to create a space for all poets, writers, and artists, we've been working hard to focus marginalized voices as diversity in publishing is limited and showing little signs of expanding

Starting Fall 2020, Vagabonds will only seek work from:

  • authors who identify as LGBTQIA

  • authors of color

  • authors with disabilities

Representation matters, and it's long past time for publishers to step up. 

We welcome anyone to look over our past issues under our archive section. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us an email at thedude@weaselpress.com 






Green haired eater of manuscripts. Weasel is a queer, Latinx author focusing on sex positive content and lgbtq+ issues. Author of a few books, his latest one, Cut the Loss was released in July 2019. He is also The Dude of Weasel Press.  https://degenerateweasel.weebly.com